OilPal Instruction Guide

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1. What fuels can the OilPal System monitor?

The OilPal telemetry system is suitable for monitoring:

  • Home Heating Oil
  • Water
  • Diesel Fuel
  • Biodiesel
  • Admixtures
  • Agricultural Fuel
  • Kerosene
  • Detergent
  • Waste Oil
  • AdBlue
  • Lubricants
  • Gas Oil types A2, C1, C2 and D, as defined by BS2869


2. Does OilPal have any subscription fees?

There are no annual fees associated with the service after the purchase of the OilPal Kit.


3. What type of tank is suitable?

The OilPal System is suitable for all tank types up to 3 metres in height.

Many oil tanks from the late 1990s have been supplying their tanks with a pre-drilled 32mm hole in which the OilPal can be mounted.

If your tank does not have the pre-drilled hole, please select a suitable location on the top of the tank and drill a 32mm hole using a hole saw.

Please note: If you have a steel or an underground tank, please contact our customer support team for further information: https://oilpal.com/contact/


4. How far can I have my OilPal Ultrasonic Tank Sensor from my modem?

The Ultrasonic Tank sensor can be up to 200 metres from your modem.

Please bear in mind that obstacles such as walls, re-enforced walls, metal objects or metal buildings can reduce this distance.


5. The total fill capacity on OilPal is less than I inserted, why is this?

To operate within industry regulations, OilPal will calculate your tank readings based on 95% if its brim-full capacity.


6. My estimated Days To Run Out seems very high?

The OilPal system makes its calculations based on the latest readings it receives. If you are not currently using fuel or are using very little fuel, this can cause your Estimated Days To Run Out to seem high.

When you start to use fuel again, the Estimated Days To Empty will reduce and become more relevant.


7. What if I have an existing oil tank level monitor?

The OilPal system is currently compatible with all Apollo ultrasonic oil tank level monitors. If you have an existing Apollo level monitor, you will only need to purchase the OilPal modem.


8. I have just activated my OilPal, when will the information be available to view?

It takes approximately 24 hours for the OilPal system to populate information and transfer it to your personal OilPal site after activation.


9. How do I pair the OilPal transmitter to the OilPal Modem?

    1. Press and hold the button on the bottom of the OilPal modem until the green light turns on. Once the light turns on, release the button.
    2. Next, a yellow light will blink slowly, indicating the OilPal modem is ready to be paired with the OilPal transmitter.
    3. Locate the black dot on the right-hand side of the OilPal modem and on the left-hand side of the transmitter.
    4. Touch and hold the two black dots together for approximately 30 seconds. While you are doing this you should see the green LED start to flash.
    5. When the pairing process is complete, the green LED will momentarily stop flashing and both the green and yellow light will turn on at the same time. When you see this, separate the units.
    6. Install the OilPal Transmitter onto your oil tank.
    7. Activate the OilPal modem at.


10. What do the different light sequences mean?


Model Name LED Indications Meanings How to Enter
Learn Mode YELLOW LED flashes every 1 second Modem is ready to be matched to the transmitter. Press and hold button until YELLOW & GREEN LED lights up.
Fast Mode The YELLOW LED will remain constantly on. The GREEN LED flashes twice per second. Can be used to test readings are correct and received by modem. Swipe a magnet over the transmitters black dot.
Idle Mode The Yellow LED is on constantly. Ready to send and receive data. Complete the matching process or power cycle.


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